Wind Power

This review of the current state of wind power by Peter Sinclair was quite surprising. He’s definitely taking an advocate’s stance here, but he seems reasonable about it. I was particularly wowed by some of the techniques used to store wind energy. Here’s part one:

In part 2, he addresses criticisms of the first video.

I’ve long been an advocate of nuclear power but I love the idea of wind power. I had in the past heard that the main problem with renewable sources is that we require high-yield generators for emergencies and times of high-use. But if we could fix that need by updating our grid, then we all win.

This leads me to mention a wild-eyed idea which occurred to me a few years ago – If we implement wind power on a massive scale, wouldn’t that remove kinetic energy from the atmosphere? And if it does, how much would we need to remove for it to have a cooling effect? I’m assuming this is nuts, by the way. We’d likely return the kinetic energy quickly through energy use, and the amount we can siphon from the atmosphere is probably waaay to small to have a noticeable effect. But the thought tickles me.

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It’s Win-Win

Liberals like me are happy about the approval of the wind farm off of Cape Cod, and conservative culture warriors can rejoice that the Kennedys are getting exposed as flaming hypocrites on this issue. Or as Henry Blodget puts it:

Now, the country can finally start developing a huge renewable resource. And a few loaded beachfront homeowners will have to get used looking at tiny white windmills in the distance (the horror!)

Cake for everyone!

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