About dug4000

I’m a struggling actor, husband and father who recently moved to Los Angeles from New York. Before New York I lived in Chicago, and before that I grew up in a smallish but lovable Illinois town.

I follow politics like other people follow sports, and I love debate. Though I will discuss my professional life from time to time here, I’ve decided to keep the promotion of this blog separate from the promotion of myself as an actor, in an attempt to avoid the whole actor/politics ickiness that is common in sites like The Huffington Post. That may change. Especially since there’s O% chance of me exploiting my fame for political ends, seeing as I have no fame to exploit.

Though I welcome all comments, please do not disparage my acting career in an attempt to win an argument with me, unless your grand diabolical plan is to hurt my precious widdle feelings. I will take such disparagement as a sign that you have run out of substantive points, and have therefore lost the debate.

My intention with this blog is to talk about things that I’m thinking about and which may interest you as well. Things I think about include politics, poker, comedy, technology, religion, music, art, videogames, tv, movies, books, etc. If you don’t like what you’re reading, just move on to the next post. I’ll try to keep a healthy mix going, but expect that events will sometimes overwhelm the discussion.

Welcome. Thanks for visiting. And if I haven’t written anything to piss you off yet, well…stick around.

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