Kagan and the Outrage Machine

Elena Kagan
Andrew Sullivan has been scrambling for an outrage narrative on Kagan. First she’s a closeted lesbian, then maybe not, but why won’t she tell us?? Why the big coverup?? Also, she hasn’t taken enough risks! She defers to her bosses!!

I’m usually a fan, but sheesh. John Cole is tired of the auto-outrage. He makes an additional point that puts me in the Balloon Juice amen corner:

I reject flat out that deferring to the judgment of your Senators and the President is simply “cult like” behavior. WTF did we elect these people to do? Should we just have referendums on Supreme Court nominees now? How is someone like me, with no legal training, supposed to make the kind of informed decision on Kagan’s legal logic? I have a job and a yard to mow and pets to take care of and bills to pay- I don’t have time for a direct democracy. Obviously, that does not mean just greenlighting whatever your elected officials do, but the idea that saying “Hrmm- Sanders, Obama, Feingold, Sherrod Brown, Leahy, and a lot of others whose opinions I respect and who know a helluva lot more than me about this all think she is a good fit” is cult-like behavior is just pure bullshit. That is how our system is supposed to work.

But then, I’ve never gotten really worked up about Supreme Court nominees. So sue me.


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