We Are All Socialists Now

Socialism poster
David Frum is a conservative apostate on a heroic quest to get other conservatives talk and act like grownups. But as this debate with Jonah Goldberg demonstrates, he may be speaking at a frequency that the rest of the right wing just can’t hear. Frum makes quick work of Goldberg, showing how he has comically expanded his definition of Socialism to include everyone to the left of Reagan.

Goldberg, you may recall, is the author of Liberal Fascism, which features a smiley face with a Hitler moustache on the cover. Because nothing screams “Hitler!” like expanding access to affordable healthcare.


Matt Yglesias weighed in on his name being invoked by Goldberg. They really aren’t fond of each other:

If you read the post in question, which was written in September of 2008, you’ll see two things. One is that the phrase “massive socialism” was used ironically. The other is that in the intervening 18 months, Barack Obama quite clearly has chosen not to attempt to seize the opportunity I was outlining. When faced with this kind of thing, one is initially tempted to ascribe to the dishonesty of one’s opponents but it’s pretty clear if you follow the Goldberg ouvre over the years that he really is this dumb.

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