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I finally made it over to the Commerce Casino last night. I went with a couple of actor buddies that I know from New York. It’s a quick half-hour drive from where I live, which I find both exciting and a little dangerous. Back in New York it was a 3-hour bus ride to Atlantic City, which removed temptation.

The Commerce is basically a big card room. I was told by a few local players that it’s the nicest place to play poker in town. It has some of the glitz of a casino, but no slots, no roulette, nothing but cards. There’s a predominately Asian population there, both in players and staff. And on the floor it’s pretty non-glamorous. People eating fried rice at the tables, drinks aren’t free but they are affordable, dealers look like they are tired and bored, etc. But there’s very little wait for a seat at a table.

We actually started a new table (2/4 limit), so I was able to stay with my buddies. It turns out that they weren’t that experienced at limit ring games. They were more tournament no-limit home-game players. So one of them lost his $60 fairly quickly and went off to the bar, then came back a while later to hang behind us and chat. The other lost his initial $60, then another $60 (after a trip to the ATM), then another $20 while getting increasingly steamed. So we had to cut it short.

Another reason we had to cut it short was that my friends noticed that I wasn’t losing money and kept commenting on my game in an complimentary but too loud way, saying things like “Conservative! That’s the way to go!” or, “So you’re throwing away most of your hands?” This wasn’t helpful to me, as I prefer to play tight and keep a low profile.

I basically walked out with $15 less than I came in with. Most of that was dealer tips, a drink, and a buck I had to give to my steaming friend so he could play a hand. I was up about $25 for a while, but I felt my attention being increasingly drawn to my friends.

As for play, I’d say that there are some very sharp players there, as well as a lot of less sharp ones. Almost every hand got seen all the way to the end. This may be due to my steaming friend, but there was quite a lot of pre-flop speculation in general. I plan to go back (maybe on my own next time) and now that I’ve dipped my toe in I think I could play there very comfortably.

So that’s my first L.A. poker report.

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