A Bubble-Bursting Alliance

Mind Closed
Conor Friedersdorf proposes an alliance to expose Mark Levin’s dishonesty to his audience. He makes sense to me:

Our alliance may be an opportunistic one. I am a right-leaning journalist motivated by a desire for improved political discourse, a hatred of echo chambers, and contempt for right-wing entertainers who mislead rank-and-file conservatives, most of whom are well-meaning folks earnestly seeking civic engagement. Some of you are committed liberals or independents who aren’t much interested in the health of the conservative movement.

But lying talk radio hosts hurt us all by debasing our democracy’s ongoing conversation. And until just a few years ago, the medium of radio would’ve made what I’m about to propose impossible. Who can better insulate themselves from inconvenient facts than broadcasters with a microphone in one hand, a team of screeners to vet calls, and one finger on a button that can cut the mic of anyone with a devastating rebuttal?

This is part of the whole “Epistemic Closure” debate which you may or may not be aware of. If you’d like a quick primer, click here.

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