Jim Jones and the Jewish Merchant Joke

Okay, I’m pretty sure I didn’t want my first topical blog post to offend anyone based upon race or ethnicity, but Gen. Jim Jones’ joke about a Jewish merchant is in the news today, and I have thoughts about it, so here goes. First of all, watch the joke:

Now, could someone please point out the offensive part to me? I suppose that it wasn’t necessary for the merchant to be Jewish, but if he is, then his hostility to a member of the Taliban is clear. I believe that the general objection from the Anti-Defamation League is that the joke perpetuates unflattering stereotypes, but the only stereotypes I see the Jewish Merchant possessing are cleverness, a sense of humor, and a willingness to force a thirsty member of the Taliban to jump through hoops in order to get water. I would be sincerely flattered to have such stereotypes applied to me. But here’s Abraham Foxman’s take on it:

“To make fun of Jews in terms of ‘Jews won’t help you in need, Jews want to sell to you?’ Whoa! Where’s the sensitivity? The irony of it is General Jones went to this forum to reach out to the Jewish community. Of all the jokes this is probably the worst one he could have picked.”

No Mr. Foxman. It’s not “Jews won’t help you in need,” it’s “A Jewish Merchant in Afghanistan will happily make life more difficult for a member of the Taliban.” Unless you think all non-Jews identify with the Taliban member over the Jewish merchant in this story, then you really need to pull the cob out of your ass.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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