Song of the Day

Anybody else remember The Surf Punks?

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Conservative Cartoonist Watch – Chuck Asay

It’s time for our second look at conservative editorial cartoonists. (For the first installment, see here.) Today we turn the old ‘Toonoscope on one of my personal favorites, Chuck Asay. Asay’s work is a delightfully incoherent melange of conservative views, pitting dumb liberal zealots against earnest-faced conservatives who are just too gosh-darn polite to point out their leftist stupidity. Unfortunately, maintaining this unreal worldview requires him to invent absurdities to support his argument. Example (click to enlarge):

You see, in Chuck Asay’s America, you get carded for buying ice cream. I mean sure. Doesn’t everybody? What’s the big deal? I don’t know what all those noisy Latinos are complaining about!

Here’s his take on British Petroleum (click to enlarge):

I hardly know where to begin. Let’s leave aside the “Lara Liberal” moniker and the always-surreal joy of being condescended to by someone who has no idea what he’s talking about. Let’s get to the heart of it – If BP shouldn’t clean up the mess they made, who should? Asay never says. Not government surely. He already thinks it’s too big and spends too much. Usually Asay believes in personal responsibility, but I guess that doesn’t apply to polluters who create ecological disasters.

At this point you’d be forgiven for concluding that the rules of logic will never penetrate his skull without using a printout, a sharp funnel and a mallet. And you’d be right. I had the personal pleasure of corresponding with Asay back in 2004 when I got fed up enough at his inane reasoning to write him a huffy and insulting email. To his credit, he wrote back and we had a semi-substantive dialogue. I came away from that exchange thinking that he was a decent man who is incapable of seeing sense. For example, when I took issue with the swift-boating of Kerry and denigration of his service by Karl Rove, he replied that “politics is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.” Like Rove and the swift-boaters had no choice but to lie.

Now I think of Asay as a national treasure. He really is a crystal-clear window into the mind of cultural conservatives, and serves as a valuable reminder why such people should never wield power. I’m convinced that the Onion’s parody cartoons are merely imitating him, and I encourage you to go through his archives. He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Fix it!

Obama’s oil spill critics, shorter version:

I’ve come to the conclusion that many people believe that the Presidency is a magic wand. “What do you mean, we don’t have a team of underwater commandos ready to plug holes in the ocean floor?!? What are my tax cuts paying for?? Also, smaller government!!”

Bonus – As others have noted, Karl Rove calling this “Obama’s Katrina” is hilarious, because it is his admission that the Bush administration’s response to Katrina was disastrous. Something which he denied for years. So Karl, were you lying then or are you lying now?

I know – Silly question. It’s both.

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Song of the Day

Devo can’t get no satisfaction. Best cover song ever.

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Accepting a Job = Rejecting Other Jobs

Chait on the stupidity of Sestak-Gate:

There’s no such thing as offering somebody a job in return for them dropping out of a Senate race. The acceptance of a job means dropping out of a Senate race. The concept of offering somebody a job “in exchange” for them declining to seek another job is like offering to marry a woman in exchange for her not marrying some other guy. It’s conceptually nonsensical.


It’s worth noting that this is a technique the administration has used in the past. Like when they offered Republican Governor Jon Huntsman (a potential 2012 rival) the ambassadorship to China. Huntsman accepted, Obama’s potential rival was neutralized, and nobody cried foul then, even though Huntsman had to resign his Governorship in order to accept the position. In fact, much of the political press lauded it as a brilliant move on Obama’s part. The only real difference today is that Sestak rejected the offer. Had he accepted it, the White House probably would have issued a press release about it. But since he didn’t, they’re not going to talk about it.

Update #2:

Chait clarifies, for those who are still confused about this:

I’ll keep saying this: A job offer is not a quid pro quo to get somebody out of a race. It is getting somebody out of a race. Accepting one job means you cannot run for another. It happens all the time — the White House appointed John McHugh Army Secretary in part to get him out of New York’s 23rd Congressional District. It offered Judd Gregg a cabinet slot in order to get him out of the Senate. This is completely routine, neither illegal no immoral nor especially unusual. Can’t we wait to appoint a special prosecutor until there’s at least some possibility of underlying illegal behavior?

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Nostalgia Trippin

Who’s up for the Battle of the Planets intro? Me, that’s who. Go G-force!

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D.C Douglas vs Freedomworks

Freedomworks gets a voice actor blacklisted for leaving an angry message on their answering machine. Actor fires back. Hilarity ensues.

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Song of the Day

Because I need to wake up:

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Wind Power

This review of the current state of wind power by Peter Sinclair was quite surprising. He’s definitely taking an advocate’s stance here, but he seems reasonable about it. I was particularly wowed by some of the techniques used to store wind energy. Here’s part one:

In part 2, he addresses criticisms of the first video.

I’ve long been an advocate of nuclear power but I love the idea of wind power. I had in the past heard that the main problem with renewable sources is that we require high-yield generators for emergencies and times of high-use. But if we could fix that need by updating our grid, then we all win.

This leads me to mention a wild-eyed idea which occurred to me a few years ago – If we implement wind power on a massive scale, wouldn’t that remove kinetic energy from the atmosphere? And if it does, how much would we need to remove for it to have a cooling effect? I’m assuming this is nuts, by the way. We’d likely return the kinetic energy quickly through energy use, and the amount we can siphon from the atmosphere is probably waaay to small to have a noticeable effect. But the thought tickles me.

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On Open-Mindedness

Good morning kiddies. Time for another steaming bowl of QualiaSoup.

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